WePresent Product Review 2017

If you are looking to do wireless seamless presentations, then look no further .The WePresent connects to any type of display and enables you to do all your presentations wirelessly. No cables, No hassles.

There are 3 different models :
  • WePresent WiPG – 1000
  • WePresent WiPG – 1600
  • WePresent WiPG – 2000
Some of the great features :
  • Connect up to 64 users
  • Supports Most PC Formats – Mac,IOS, Android and Windows OS.
  • Internet Connection while doing presentations.
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP)
  • Seamless Video.
  • Display 4 PC’s simultaneously.
  • Touch Screen Support. (1600 and 2000 models)
  • IOS Air Play (1600 and 2000 Models)
  • Auto Resolution Detection (1600 and 2000 Models)
  • On-screen Annotation (2000 Models only)
  • Video Streaming (2000 Model only)
It’s simple to install :

Download WePresent software directly from the wireless unit. On screen instructions are displayed assist first time users.

Enter the on-screen 4 digit code and you will be connected. The on-screen code insures that other presenters in adjacent venues don’t mistakenly connect to the wrong display.

Final thought :

I would recommend that this product is installed into all Boardrooms, Huddle rooms, Education, Training centres and Conference halls .

It takes away the frustration of trying to find the correct cable to connect. Installation of all venues are a lot simpler with less cabling and cable ways to worry about .

Kevin Gelman

Kevin is AVC’s Sales Director and has worked in the Audio Visual Industry for over 7 years.

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