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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Bridge the gap between people working remotely and those in the office with a meeting room solution that allows everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere.

Around the world, small and medium-sized businesses are moving toward a hybrid work model with some people returning to the office, some working remotely, and still others choosing the more flexible option of both. This transition has many companies assessing: in a hybrid workplace, how do you ensure everyone can fully participate and feel included in meetings?

Meeting space solutions play a vital role in facilitating collaboration, and many of today’s room systems offer basic capabilities designed primarily for people who are physically present. Too often, remote attendees feel like they’re on the outside looking in. Microsoft Teams Rooms was purpose-built to bridge this gap between digital and physical workspaces.


Microsoft Teams

Bring Microsoft Teams to any meeting space

See some examples of how Teams Rooms can work in various spaces.

Help everyone feel closer and more engaged, and collaborate fully. Remote participants have a presence in the room, while in-room participants can retain their personal identity and not get lost in the crowd.

MTR Focus Room

Ideate and collaborate in spaces that are ideal for three to five people.

MTR Medium Space

Share ideas and connect with up to eleven people in the room and many more online.

MTR Large Space

Designed to seat 18 or more people, large meeting spaces are great for formal presentations, large team gatherings, and collaboration across work groups.

Microsoft Teams Conference Solutions for You

Yealink Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Bringing Microsoft Teams Experience to Every Space and User

Workplaces today have been transformed. The ways people work have become more flexible and dynamic, thereby requiring the right technologies to improve business communications and collaborations. By working with Microsoft and being the 1st company to provide Teams certified desk phones for Microsoft Teams in the market, Yealink creates a complete range of device solutions that allows all types of professionals to work the way they love anytime, anywhere.

Poly Studio room kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows

Equal meetings for any size space

Pro-grade audio and video technology that gives everyone in the room a voice.

Take your Teams meetings to the next level. Poly Studio Room kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms offer mind-blowing audio and video for your most productive, focused calls ever. Our kits feature cutting-edge Poly DirectorAI technology that intelligently frames active speakers with pinpoint accuracy, so everyone has an equal meeting experience.

  • Simple to set up and use.
  • Maximize limited space with clutter-free cabling.
  • Equal status wherever you sit in a meeting room.
  • Control the call with the Poly GC8 touch controller.
  • Worry-free quality thanks to Poly signature video and audio.
  • Room-aware camera delivers fast and accurate framing.
  • Advanced camera framing with Poly DirectorAI technology



Logitech and Microsoft work together to foster inclusive meeting experiences for people and teams, no matter their location. Our ecosystem of software, services, and Microsoft Teams Rooms-certified hardware are easy to deploy at scale, simple to use and manage, and seamlessly connect hybrid workplaces for everyone.

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