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Collaboration products for Office, Home and Meeting Rooms. Video Conference products for all platforms including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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MS Teams

Yealink Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Bringing Microsoft Teams Experience to Every Space and User

Workplaces today have been transformed. The ways people work have become more flexible and dynamic, thereby requiring the right technologies to improve business communications and collaborations. By working with Microsoft and being the 1st company to provide Teams certified desk phones for Microsoft Teams in the market, Yealink creates a complete range of device solutions that allows all types of professionals to work the way they love anytime, anywhere.


Yealink BYOD Solutions

Yealink has a wide range of Video and Audio products for any BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Applications. Yealink BYOD solutions will support Microsoft Teams, Zoom, 3CX Webmeeting, Skype, GoogleMeet, GoToMeeting and many more.


Yealink Solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android

Transform your basic home office or the focus room at a work site into a professional conference space featuring high-quality audio and video. Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android works directly on the device with no computer or laptop required.


Yealink Video Solutions for Zoom Rooms

Yealink Video Solutions for Zoom Rooms covers every scenarios you need for video meetings, which are available in small, medium, and large meeting rooms. For different spaces, Yealink provides all-in-one MeetingBar and Bundle Solutions including  camera, mini PC, touch pannel, microphone etc.

Yealink WH62

Yealink Headsets

 Yealink is well known for their cost-effective but reliable headsets, available to connect either directly to a desktop phone or USB to a PC. Yealink’s next-generation cordless headsets also disrupt the global pricing trend by offering undeniable quality at an unbeatable price.


Our Popular Products


All-in-one UC Workstation

The Yealink UC Workstation is more than a single base, it eases the management of business communication demands and other USB devices. It also delivers great flexibility with a set of integrated features to facilitate your daily routine. It is professional, collaborative, and available.

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