Barco UniSee

Video walls display a large amount of information used by many viewers simultaneously and collaboratively. When viewers need that information for monitoring anything – people, infrastructure, information or a developing situation – it must be clear, reliable and precise.Video Walls are used extensively in the Broadcast, Defense, Traffic, Energy, Security, Telecommunications, IT and Emergency Services Industries.

Video walls are custom designed and are made up of multiple flat panel displays or rear projection cubes in various configurations. Some of the common display layouts are 2×2, 3×3 and 4×2. The displays are constructed to the display requirements. Video sources are fed through a controller which will position, size and scale the source for the particular display array. These controllers allow multiple sources to be displayed simultaneously across the video wall in numerous configurations.

Video walls utilise various display technologies. The most common displays used are LCD/LED Flat Panel displays with small bezel size and Rear Projection DLP Laser Projector Cubes

AVC supplies, installs and maintains professional video wall brands like PVision, Orion, Samsung, LG and more.

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