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Dedicated large Teams rooms:

Our client approached us and was looking for a video conferencing solution that was dedicated to Microsoft Teams and was easy to operate. With the boardroom being a 30-seater room, we needed the clarity of the audio, camera and microphone to be crystal clear in all parts of the room.

We decided to go with the Yealkink MVC800 as the main backbone of the video conferencing solution. The Yealink MVC800 is supplied with the Yealink UVC80 camera which has a 12x optical zoom enabling us to zoom into the very back of the room with no loss of image quality. We set this camera to auto-framing which allowed the camera to follow whoever was speaking in the boardroom for a crisp and easy to follow video for the person watching on the other end of the conference call.

The Yealink MVC800 is supplied with a dedicated NUC PC and touchpad console with Microsoft Teams Rooms layout. This allows for the user to have a simple touch to join button on the console when they are wanting to join the meeting. They can also invite other participants or initiate a meeting from the touchpad. The touchpad also allows the user to have full access to camera control and muting of the microphones

The system is supplied standard with two VCM34 microphones and we added an additional two microphones to make sure all areas of the boardroom were covered.

With the displays in the room, we had two 75” 4K UHD Mecer monitors in the front of the room and in the middle of the boardroom we had two 65” 4K UHD Mecer monitors, which duplicated the image from the front displays. This was done using Alfatron SUK2 HDMI splitters that sent the image through an Alfatron TPUK70 HDMI extender to the back displays. We needed to install Kramer PT1C units to lock the HDMI EDID to allow all the displays to pick up the same EDID, therefore ensuring that there would be no HDMI issues. The monitors were setup in a manner that when they have a video conference call, the one monitor would display presentations and the other would display the participants camera feeds. In the event that they are only presenting in the room, all four monitors will display the presentation.

The audio playback is provided by a BOSE ZA190HZ freespace amplifier, with Bose DS16 in-ceiling speakers. Volume is controlled from the touchpad console.

Wireless presentation is provide by the Barco Clickshare CSE200, with two USB presentation dongles and  a USB C dongle for MAC devices. This allows for the user/s to present the display with a simple click of a button on the USB dongle.

The Clickshare allows for multiple people to present at the same time by splitting the image. The client needed something that would allow external guests to present without needing to connect to their network. With the Clickshare, you don’t need to download any apps or be connected to the network in order to present.

Equipment List

  • Yealink MVC800 MS Teams Video Conference System – SPECIFICATIONS
  • Additional Yealink VCM34 Microphones
  • MECER 65″ 4K UHD LED Panel
  • MECER 75” 4K UHD LED Panel
  • Barco Clickshare CSE 200 Wireless Presentation System
  • Bose ZA190HZ Freespace Amplifier
  • Bose Ds16 Flush Speaker
  • Alfatron SUK2 1×2 HDMI 2.0 Splitter
  • Alfatron Alftpuk70rs HDMI over CAT Extenders
  • Kramer PT1C 4K HDR HDMI EDID Processor




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  1. Nonhlanhla

    Good day this exactly what am looking for.
    Is it possible to get a quote excluding the TVs and the extras


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