Webcams and Microphones 2020


If you searching online for webcams and microphones then that means you are part of the many corporate individuals transitioning into the virtual meeting trends of day-to-day business practises.


Questions you should answer before purchasing video conference equipment.

  1. Is it for a single participant, face-to-face type of meetings?
  2. Are you looking for a Huddle Room solution (2 – 8 participants)?
  3. Will it be used in a Medium or Large Boardroom/Venue?




Single Participant Webcam



These types of webcams are designed to focus on a single person. Connecting these external webcams to your laptop or desktop is easy and quick to setup. A single USB cable connected to your USB port on your laptop/desktop will get the webcam ready for your video calls.

Pros: You will be sending an improved image compared to using the standard webcam on your laptop. Your voice gets captured clearly with the microphones placed on both sides of the external webcam lens.




Huddle Room solution (2 – 8 participants)


These types of webcams are designed with lenses that have a +/- 120 degree Field Of View. These lenses capture and send to whoever is joining your virtual meeting an image with more than one attendee. The positioning of Huddle Room AV equipment is important in order to get the best picture and audio pick up.

Pros: Guests to your virtual meeting experience the “boardroom environment” feeling with all members in the boardroom seen and heard clearly.



Medium and Large Boardroom Video Conference equipment:


Medium/Large boardrooms accommodate more than 8 attendees. These boardrooms need an HD video camera with enhanced pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) features and Microphones distributed according to the seating arrangement. Many factors come into play when installing a Video Conference solution for a medium/large boardroom venue and because of that the solutions will differ for each company.

Pros: Having Video Conference equipment installed correctly in a Medium/Large boardroom allows for further expansion to the physical attendance limits of the venue.




Why you should make use of an AV integrator for Video Conference solutions?

AV integrators understand the requirements of your boardroom (equipment) and how to set it up on your preferred platforms (e.g Zoom, Teams and Skype). Most importantly, integrators provide remote/onsite support after the installation. 

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Kagiso Monama

Kagiso is a sales executive and has been involved in the AV industry for 5 years


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