Barco videowall

Control Room with Barco Video Wall

Audio Visual Centre was recently approached by a top tier financial company. They were constructing a new monitoring room where they required a video wall to monitor multiple different sources across one large surface.

The video wall was designed according to the clients needs and we had to factor in the following requirements:

  • Size of video wall according to the room dimensions.
  • 24/7 usage.
  • Video wall software to provide dynamic video wall layouts for the multiple different sources that needed to be displayed.
  • Allow for different forms of access to content and format of content that can be displayed on the video wall.


After careful consideration AVC proposed the following solution to meet the client’s needs.

We supplied 36 x Barco LVD5221B LCD screens as they are designed to run at optimal performance for 24 hours a day without degradation.

The wall size was 12 screens horizontal by 3 screens vertical giving the client a total viewing area of 14542mm x 2041mm.

Audio Visual Centre included a control system which was the Barco Wall manager WME-110. This was connected via CAT 5 cable to each individual screen to allow for complete control and configuration of the video wall.

We also incorporated 2 Matrox PC controllers to offer a high-end custom resolution display.

VView was the primary video wall image software used as it offered complete control over the input sources, designing and custom scalability.

System Equipment:

  • 36 x Barco LVD-5521C LCD 500nits LCD Panels making up a 12 x 2 Video Wall
  • Barco Wall Manager Edge, Sense X automatic calibration
  • Dual Matrox Video Wall Controllers with 4x HDMI inputs with 2x Xeon Silver 4210R 2.20GHz processor,32GB RAM, Dual 512GB SSD
  • 2 x Matrox IPX 4x 4K mini HDMI Capture and IP Encode/Decode Board
  • 6 x Matrox D-Series D1480 Quad HDMI Graphics card
  • VView Graphics Video wall management software
  • 7 x Surgex – Advanced Series Mode Surge Eliminator
  • 25 x Displayport 1.4 Male to Male Fibre Active Optical Cable 50 metres


Barco videowall
Barco videowall

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