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Logitech TAP

Are you tired of the struggles and headaches when it comes to doing a video conference call?

According to research on average a video conference call takes about 7-10 minutes to start. This all changes with the Logitech Tap. Joining a meeting could never be easier. With a simple touch “to join” button and you are in the meeting.

The Tap is a room’s solution with preinstalled integrated software for either Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google cloud. The Logitech Tap includes calendar integration so every meeting that the room is invited to will appear on the screen. The Tap allows the user to start new meetings directly from the touchpad and also have control of the ongoing meeting.

The Tap includes an HDMI input for instant content share, which can be shared to the local display and through the call to the participants on the other end of the call.

This system includes a unique cabling system, where the Tap allows for the cables to come through the bottom of the unit. The cables can then be securely placed ensuring that they don’t get pulled out, as well as making sure that the table stays clear so that it looks neat and professional as a boardroom table should.



Logitech TAP






I have dealt with many dedicated room solutions in the past and I have been completely blown away by this product, it has a sleek design, a simple user experience and the cost of the unit is really affordable and for me personally this makes the product a definite game changer in the video conferencing world. We have even decided to have a dedicated demo facility on this product as we feel clients need to see this incredible product.



Travis Otgaar

Travis is an AVC sales representative based in Johannesburg.


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