PTZOptics 12x-USB Camera Product Review 2017

The PTZOptics 12X-USB camera is the ideal camera for large boardrooms if you want to broadcast Full HD 1080p video for web based conferencing applications like Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, Cisco and more.

Some Features:
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 12X Optical Zoom
  • 72.5 degree field of view
  • USB 3.0, HDMI, H.264 and H.265 video outputs
  • Plug and play compatibility with Skype, Zoom and other web based conferencing software
  • RS-232 & RS-485 which use VISCA commands to integrate with Crestron and Extron control systems
  • IP Video Streaming H.265 and H.264
  • 3 year warranty
Easy to install:
  • Easy to mount (we mounted the PTZOptics 12X-USB camera using a small Powerlite Video Conference shelf against dry-walling)
  • Tri-pod mountable for flexible use at events
  • Wall & Ceiling mountable as well
Final Thought:

I would recommend the PTZOptics 12X-USB camera for large boardrooms that seat 12 to 24 people. The 1080p Full HD camera produced crystal clear images on all three displays we connected it to, we used the PTZOptics 12X-USB camera’s USB 3.0 over a set of Extron USB Plus Series Transmitters and Receivers over Cat cable to connect to an Intel Nuc PC and we controlled the PTZOptics-12X-USB camera via RS-232 to an Extron DTP Crosspoint 108 4K Seamless Matrix Switch then through to the three displays, one of those displays being a 98 inch 4K display which showed a brilliant high definition image.

The 12 X Optical zoom and 72.5 degree feature on the PTZOptics 12X-USB camera allowed a clear view of the whole boardroom from the people seated at the closest distance which was approximately 1.5 metres to 2 metres and also produced a full view of people seated at the furthest point of the table.

The camera’s ability to be used with Skype and Zoom was excellent and allowed users the convenience of using their preferred web based conferencing software.

Thokozani Dhlongolo

TK is an AVC sales executive and has worked in the Audio Visual Industry for 2 years.


  1. Dance Steve Nkosi

    Hi ( not a comment) I just would like know I am using a small HD Sony handycam is there anything cordless equipment I can use to connect to my projector while video filming the event so that others can see it on projection screen?

    • AVC1986

      Hi Dance. Yes there is. We use the Kramer Wireless HD Transmitter & Receiver. You can see more specifications here:

      If you need a quote, drop us a mail. sales(at)


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