Grandview Cyber Manual Projection Screen Review 2017

Grandview Cyber

The Cyber screens are the premium manual screens from screen manufacturer Grandview. They are of aluminum construction as opposed to the steel casing used by the Crystal series. The casing uses a floating bracket system which allows the brackets to mount almost anywhere along the length of the case, greatly simplifying the installation process. The Universal Bracket can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and is also supplied with ceiling hang adapter, a set of wall plugs and screws are included with the brackets.


The internals of the screen feature the patented Grandview Decelerating and Locking Mechanism. This allows for two things, Limitless Positioning and Slow Retraction. Limitless Positioning means the screens can be stopped in any position by holding it in place for 3 seconds. Slow Retraction uses a braking system to allow the screen to retract slowly into the case, which prevents damage/injury in the event of the screen being allowed to freely retract into the case. A normal screen’s lower bar will crash unchecked into the case which can in some cases break the screen or even have it fall off the wall.

Screen Material

The material locally available is the Matte White version which has a 4-layer structure including a layer of fiberglass. This layer of fiberglass is squeezed between 2 layers of PVC and the embossed screen surface is added to the top of them. The woven fiberglass layer of the fabric is used as a backing or backbone of the entire screen structure. With this layer, Grandview’s Matte White fabrics have a stretching rate of less than 1% and a much longer life span than ordinary material. The fiberglass backing will not cause any wrinkling or waves due to changes in temperature, humidity or drag forces. The matt white screen has a gain of 1.0 and a 160 degree viewing angle. The material is fireproof, waterproof, is anti-mold and is washable.

AVC has had a Grandview Cyber manual screen as a projector test screen for over 10 years and the surface is as good and wrinkle free as the day it was purchased. The screen mechanism still works flawlessly and stills stops where required.   The Grandview screens come standard with a 7 year warranty and whilst you may find cheaper screens in the market, you won’t find a better quality screen, and once the quality is taken into account, this is the best value for money screen on the South African market.

Grandview bracket Grandview mechanism

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Michael manages AVC’s Durban Branch and has worked in the Audio Visual Industry for 17 years.



    • AVC1986

      Hi Nenad. Grandview screen never have waves or wrinkles due to the 4 layer structure of the screen material. You can never go wrong with these screens

  1. Steinar R Kvinnsland

    Mr Miller
    I need to run the Grandview screen up and down like 10 times before the stop function works..
    It’s like the locking piece is a bit stuck (dry?) and need to «warm up» or something before it kicks-in and stop correctly. After it start to stop correctly on command it kicks in at each touch on the remote perfectly. But before this point the screen just slowly drops all the way down, no matter how much I push the stop button.
    Should the lock-piece be greased or could there be dust inside?
    I hope to hear from you
    Kind regards
    Steinar R Kvinnsland

    • Michael Miller

      Hi Steinar
      I am presuming this is a manual screen.
      Does your screen have the decelerating and locking mechanism ?


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