Copper or Fibre Optic ?

Fibre vs Copper

TechLogix Networx has published a white paper: What’s my bandwidth? When calling it “4K” isn’t enough…

This paper includes a table which shows all the different “flavours” of 4K resolution. These different variations of the 4K resolution has created a minefield for end users and integrators alike.

It has also created some creative marketing of 4K technology.

The table also shows copper based signal distribution systems limitations in bandwidth (up to 9 Gbps – Gigabits per a second) and where Fibre Optic based systems take over. Although Fibre can handle any of the bandwidth listed, it is more economical to implement a copper based system at bandwidth below 9 Gbps.

4K resolution has rapidly become available in the AV industry in the form of Flat Panel LED and OLED displays, Projectors and even Smart phones.

In saying this when considering a new signal distribution system, it is highly recommended to start considering Fibre based systems, especially if you ever are considering using 4K content @ 60 frames a second with maximum image enhancements like HDR (High Dynamic Range), Chroma Sub-Sampling and increased colour depths.

Fibre has other benefits like increased cable lengths up to a couple of thousand metres, compared to copper based systems one hundred metres.

The white paper is available White Paper

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