Beyerdynamic RM-30 Microphone Review

Beyerdynamic MR-30 Microphone



My expectations on the performance of the Beyerdynamic RM-30 Revoluto Microphone in a recently completed project was totally surpassed by the shear clarity and quality delivered by this particular masterpiece.

Entering a project with an idea of what the end result should be like and comparing that to the actual performance of the Beyerdynamic RM-30 Revoluto Microphone has proven to me that dynamite still comes in small packages.

The Classis RM 30 or Classis RM 31 is a new desktop microphone for round table discussions, podiums, tele/video conferencing, announcements and lecterns.


The Revoluto technology with five integrated microphone capsules provides a corridor characteristic which ensures a wide range of good voice quality. Speakers can stand up or sit down, move their head and move towards or away from the microphone.

The microphone features the innovative Scudio technology, making it absolutely insensitive to wireless communication devices such as mobile phones. The microphone is available in four versions. The Classis RM 30 and  RM 31 SP/RC versions can be installed into tables with shock-mounted holders.

With the SP variants you can select via the programmable button between the operating modes ON/OFF, Push-To-Talk and Push-To-Mute. The microphone button can also be disabled. The frequency response can be set with a separate switch in two stages. Linear or with low-cut filter to suppress low-frequency interference.

The illuminated ring indicating the microphone status can be deactivated. In addition to the features of the SP variants, the RC variant provides the option of external control. Furthermore, when operating the microphone button, an external device can be controlled via the control output.

In conclusion. I have to salute the engineers at Beyerdynamic for providing us with such a well-balanced product which provides an astonishing result.

Beyerdynamic RM-30 Revoluto Microphone


Johann Snyders
Johann is a senior sales executive, operating from AVC Head Office in Johannesburg.

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