7 Gadgets for every Batcave

If Batman had a Boardroom…

Since I was a little boy, I’ve always loved Superheroes and comic books, particularly the “Caped Crusader” Billionaire vigilante known as Batman. Part of the reason I liked the franchise more than any other, was because of the character’s use of new age, hi-tech gadgets (Expensive toys really) that he utilizes to communicate and overcome obstacles. The suit… the car… the cave… – it all ads to his overall efficiency and productivity in achieving his objectives, whether it be out there in the field fighting crime, or working on the Batcomputer. He needs his equipment to work effectively to maintain the best results. Likewise, Wayne Enterprises needs to be profitable and continue to make billions of dollars every annum, so Bruce can fund his expensive philanthropy and spelunking endeavors and always stay ahead of the competition. I see a similarity here which sounds pleasantly familiar.

In essence, isn’t that what the AV industry is all about? We don’t just offer our customers a service of professional installations and competitive pricing on the latest technology on the market, but also provide insight, which sales guru Victor Antonio calls “information beyond the obvious”? That’s what sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Value added suppliers that install, program and maintain state-of-the-art AV equipment, also have to uphold the best possible standards on every project, whether it be B2B or B2C based. Certified Solution Architects, Project Managers and Sales Executives need to constantly learn and grow with knowledge and technique in all areas of their expertise, because gone are the days where end-users and corporates alike rely on Established AV companies to install basic AV hardware like projectors and screens. I call it the “DIY-YOUTUBE” era of human civilization. The industry is rapidly embracing Wireless technology and the takeover of 4K and automation has begun. So we constantly need to step up our game. And so does Batman… So this got me thinking…

What would Bruce Wayne’s main boardroom look like at Wayne Enterprises? If Batman had a video conference call with the Justice League, which AV equipment would he use? Or perhaps Bruce just wants to relax in the lounge of Wayne Manor and watch the news while working out. Whatever it may be, he would definitely be utilizing a lot of AV gear and would certainly be a very valuable client to have on one’s portfolio as a sales rep.
So here is my top-10 list of AV gadgets I think “The Dark Knight” would use based on efficiency, technology, reliability and overall quality and performance. However I also thought it best to include some entry level products, if Robin or Alfred maybe wanted to kit out their little area in the Batcave too. Check out these awesome gadgets!



1.Holographic Displays





This display is a great platform for grabbing a lot of attention in any busy commercial setting or reception area of any company. With its measurements of less than two feet wide and one foot in height, the Dreamoc HD3 lets you tap into the curiosity of anyone passing by, making them stop and stare at your display by applying the experience of mixed reality. This will be a great addition to Batman’s cave or Bruce Wayne’s corporate boardroom.

The HD3 comes with a variety of features, such as built-in audio, high-end glass optics and our free Content Management System, which makes it easy to change and update Batman’s content depending on the displayed product, season or whatever influences his missions and business. He simply plugs in the display, and he’s ready to start creating magic.

Combining a physical object with the hologram creates a mind-boggling effect that enhances the perception and relation to the product. Batman can facilitate the process from first idea through creative sparring and finished content, making WayneTech’s brand and products come alive in the most magnificent ways.

The holographic content inside the HD3 is visible from three sides, making it possible for the Bat to walk around the display and observe the product and magic from almost every angle, adding to the feeling of seeing something truly spectacular. The mixed reality experience can be further enhanced by strategically placing the actual products (or gadget) right next to the display. Allowing WayneTech’s audience to touch and feel the product they’re seeing come to life, makes it all the more attractive and increases the conversion from viewers into customers.


2.Video Walls






ProSpectre Advanced Display Technologies offer a Video Wall series of robust screens to create large displays by using numerous adjacent LCD displays in a custom formation. Available options include various brightness levels for different environments and various narrow bezel options to maximize the active area across the entire display. Screen sizes of 49” and 55” are available in order to maximise available display space. Robust product design allows for 24/7 operation in mission critical environments.

Reducing the distance between each display area, ProSpectre video wall displays help to create a near-seamless overall image area with only 3.8mm (UNB) and 1.8mm (XNB) combined bezels. ProSpectre video wall displays can be installed in either landscape or portrait modes. This flexibility allows for creative and dynamic imaging as well as the practicality of maximising available display space. Perfect for spaces like the Batcave, Bruce Wayne’s office or the reception area of Wayne Tower. The ProSpectre displays offer integrated software modules such as Open Content Management, Vsign Software and Videowall Scheduler to allow for image configuration across a number of video wall arrangements, as well as Display Port daisy chain connectivity, thus reducing the costs of external video wall processing and signal distribution.

Batman can create a seamless and striking visual effect with ProSpectre’s Full HD video wall displays offering brightness levels of up to 700 Nits to display any content in picture perfect resolution in any indoor environment (even a deep,dark cave).
Fully adjustable, front serviceable video wall bracket included for ease of use and perfect video wall alignment. No back frame required


3.Ultra High Definition (4K) Touch Displays


With the option of various processors, these ProSpectre LSPCI units are extremely versatile. Depending on the application, a variety of operating systems are available such as Windows10 and Android Kitkat. With ample on-board memory and a 500GB HDD (hard disc drive) any preferred software application can be loaded from the Batcomputer, such as Microsoft Office suite, Digital Signage Software or Wireless Collaboration Solutions.

It has integrated BlueTooth, Wifi and Ethernet ports to allow Batman alternative connection options. These can be used from various independent devices such as printers or keyboard-and- mouse packages. Various video connectors allow for additional monitor connection.

All units are OPS (Open Pluggable Standard) compliant. OPS will empower Batman’s experience with options of enhanced processing power and the ability to choose Windows or Android as a preferred Operating System in order to fit a specific application.

These solutions can be used to bring the Justice League together and utilised to share knowledge by means of interactive presentations, collaboration and training.

All units are supplied with touch enabled screens. InfraRed (IR) touch technology is designed to equip Batman with interactive functionality. This function turns the Large Screen Computer into a touch-enabled Smart Display and allows any interactive application to be enjoyed by any superhero team.
They are manufactured with a specially designed low-gloss glass coating to minimise light reflection and provide a smooth touch experience with this antiglare technology.

Thanks to the native HD resolution and touch enabled display screen, it can display content more clearly and thus accentuate on-screen detail. White board functionality with image overlay can be achieved through multiple software applications.

Due to the nature of touch interaction, the units are equipped with a toughened glass panel to prevent any damage to the touch surface due to normal use by the dynamic duo in the Batcave.



T1V ThinkHub is an interactive, multi-touch tool that unifies the moving pieces of collaborative work in real-time. The proprietary, revolutionary software combines every aspect of collaboration that is critical to Bruce Wayne’s company’s progress, and offers it in one solution. Discover the powerful collaboration software that is transforming the way superheroes communicate.

Forget simply sharing files, using one screen at a time, or fumbling with external hardware to get the team all on one page. The ThinkHub Canvas is equipped for multi-user, multi-touch control and can expand 20x the surface area of the physical touchscreen.

No matter the physical size of the meeting or its agenda, there is no limit to the amount of content or number of devices that can be shared to the ThinkHub Canvas. At any point, Bruce is able to share and upload content on the fly and actively engage with files on the canvas through multi-touch controls.

ThinkHub comes with the annotation tool set, which allows Bruce Wayne to draw, erase, snapshot, email, or print any content shared to the ThinkHub Canvas. The annotation tool set is available for all content shared to the Canvas – images, videos, PDFs, devices, notes, sketches, super villain locations and web browser windows.

When it’s time to jot those ideas down, access ThinkHub Notes. With our multi-touch, software, tap to type thoughts, ideas, and comments at any time. He’s also able to categorize content and information as he goes through color-coding and drag-and-drop features. Bruce can enjoy the option to send notes to the Canvas from his Airconnect-enabled device, too.

With ThinkHub, Batman is able to access any web content while he collaborates with the tap of a finger. ThinkHub also allows him to open multiple browser windows at the same time with access to the full annotation tool set so he can continue to work and collaborate.

There is no limit to where the world’s greatest detective can collaborate and work together with his allies. Through the network modes, he’s able to connect with participants around the globe. While collaborating, all superheroes will have full access to the annotation tool set and other interactive features to communicate in real-time.







The Kramer VIA GO offers Batman quick wireless connectivity and advanced presentation technology from any PC, MacBook, Android, iOS, Chromebook or WayneTech device. This simple, yet powerful solution offers cutting-edge wireless presentation in multiple small meeting rooms and huddle spaces – perfect for Wayne Manor’s home office.

This gadget can sit on the internal network like other standard devices (for full management and control) and can also be used as a wireless access point for guests at Bruce Wayne’s fundraiser events.
VIA GO features mirroring for all smart devices, so both Batman and Robin can display device content on a single split screen when planning their next attack.

Now it’s easier than ever to share valuable intel with all Justice League members. Using capacitive and proximity technologies, VIA PAD lets the Dark Knight instantly show his screen on the main display. He just plugs it in and presents. No valuable crime-fighting time wasted on driver downloads. And its small enough to fit perfectly in a utility belt.


6.Video Conferencing

Biamp Devio Huddle Room                                 

Biamp Devio is a collaboration tool for modern superhero lairs and hideouts, and is a natural extension of how crime-fighters work every day. With a single USB connection, Devio connects Batman’s gadgets instantly to the room’s displays, speakers, microphone, and web camera, allowing meetings to get up and running quickly. The Devio microphone tracks and intelligently mixes conversations, allowing far-end conference participants to experience the conversation as it unfolds, providing a real-time, collaborative experience. This comes in handy when Batman needs to contact the team.

Devio comes packed with conferencing technology, doing all the work so Batman doesn’t have to. Its beamforming microphone, available in both tabletop and ceiling-mounted models, has three 120-degree zones, providing full 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. With Devio, the caped crusader can walk into his collaboration space with his WayneTech device, plug in and start his meeting immediately.

  • Works easily with conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Skype®, Citrix GoToMeeting®, Cisco WebEx®, and Google Hangouts™.
  • Enabling USB Video and deploying DisplayLink USB graphics technology allows (supports Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) Devio to provide “plug and display” simplicity for up to two displays over a single USB connection
  • Supports pass-through HDMI video connectivity for driverless display connection
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation and automatic gain control technologies ensure everyone participating in the meeting can hear and be heard
  • With the push of a button, Devio’s Auto Setup feature maps out the audio landscape of the room, and calculates the best result for the audio signal
  • Offers multiple USB ports for attaching computer peripherals like a web camera for video conferencing
  • Includes SNMP traps for determining whether a Devio unit is active and if audio is passing, so that IT can identify if the room is in use
  • System Administration Utility provides network-based device management, the ability to install firmware updates, and perform Auto Setup


7.Home AV







Like many of Batman’s gadgets, with his voice, Batman can now also command his audio, ask it questions, tell it to do things, manage his schedule and control his smart home. The JBL LINK series of speakers also allows Alfred to expand the same experience beyond confinement of the home to outdoors. LINK 10 and LINK 20 are portable and waterproof for use anywhere in Wayne Manor and in the Batcave. LINK 300 provides more powerful sound and serves as the ideal home speaker. Multiple speakers can be easily synched together to provide an engaging, amplified multi-room listening experience.


The all new GT1080Darbee short throw projector builds on the success of the popular GT1080, integrating DARBEE Visual Presence™ image enhancement technology to bring revolutionary levels of depth and realism. It also features Enhanced Gaming Mode with a 16ms response time, ideal for when Bruce and Dick want to play some Injustice 2 on Xbox1 or watch a moviein full HD.
A short throw lens design allows the GT1080Darbee to be placed on a coffee table and project a stunning 100 inch Full HD 1080p image on a flat surface or screen from just over a metre away. Easy to move around the home, it even comes complete with integrated speakers and a carry bag so Bruce can take it to a friend’s for a sports event, movie night or games marathon. Optoma’s advanced colour technology, multiple settings and features enables Bruce to enjoy long-lasting, reliable and precise colour for vibrant, lifelike images – perfect for immersive gaming, live sports and home entertainment any time of day. Two HDMI inputs enable an easy setup. Games consoles, Blu-ray players, set top boxes or other HDMI devices like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV™ can be connected. Perfect for gaming, streaming videos and sharing photos on the big screen in the comfort of Wayne Manor’s lounge or home theatre room.


Chaz Nielsen

Chaz is a Sales Executive and based at Head Office in Johannesburg.



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