Video Conferencing is dead, long live Video Conferencing

Where video conferencing in the past was a big investment to be made, and reserved to only the executive boardroom(s), times have changed. With more and more companies moving to Skype for Business and other collaboration / video calling solutions the need for huddle rooms with video capabilities is more in demand, in the modern office environment.

This is where a product like the Creston Mercury fills that segment perfectly, being a very cost effective all-in-one table top solution for any huddle room. The Mercury offers futures like Full open SIP conference phone, Room scheduling, Bluetooth audio pairs with mobile phones, Built-in AirMedia for wireless presentation, Unbelievable microphone & speaker quality y and built-in occupancy sensor for usage, all in a single desk top unit. The Mercury is a must have tech for any huddle room.


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  1. Karl Schoeman

    Please quote me on the Crestron Mercury unit. i have a boardroom, with a TV, want to use for presentations, and video. need to use Skype for Business with it


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