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Understanding Microsoft Teams Licenses – 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective  communication and collaboration are crucial for success.

As remote work becomes more prevalent and teams are dispersed across different locations,  finding efficient ways to connect and collaborate is paramount.

Microsoft Teams Rooms emerges as a powerful tool that addresses these challenges head-on,  offering a comprehensive solution for seamless teamwork.

What is Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a fantastic tool that takes your ordinary meeting spaces and  transforms them into intelligent, collaborative hubs. It’s like giving your conference rooms a  high-tech makeover! With Teams Rooms, you can forget about those frustrating setup  processes and tangled cables. Instead, you can use the incredible software and Microsoft  Teams-certified devices to create one integrated system. 

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Microsoft Teams Rooms Licensing

Microsoft Teams Rooms are run with Teams Rooms licenses, not individual user licenses. This  means that each meeting room must have its own operating license, whether a 20-seater  boardroom or a collaboration space.

There are two options when it comes to Teams Rooms licensing, the Basic license and the Pro license. How does one know which is better for their company and specific needs?

Well… the Basic License is the entry-level option, stripped down to the essentials. It offers the core features you need to get started but may not have the advanced functionalities and features you may be looking for. In contrast, the Pro license is like the complete package. It’s  designed to provide a more robust and comprehensive experience. It includes all the features of  the basic version and offers extra features, capabilities and tools to add to your video conferencing wheelhouse.

MTR Basic License

This version of the Microsoft Teams License gives you access to core communication tools that  facilitate seamless collaboration. You can initiate one-on-one and group calls, enabling quick  and efficient messaging within your team. Need to have a quick video call or share your screen?  No problem! The basic license allows for audio and video meetings, making it easy to connect  face-to-face, even when you’re miles apart.

In summary, the Microsoft Teams basic license offers a range of essential features for effective  teamwork and collaboration. It provides messaging, audio and video meetings, file sharing, and integration with other Microsoft apps—all within a unified platform. It’s a cost-effective solution for individuals and small teams to boost productivity, enhance communication, and work together more efficiently.

MTR Pro License

The Pro License unlocks advanced features for those who require more complex and  comprehensive Teams Rooms set-ups and management. This license unlocks enhanced meeting  experiences. Access to intelligent meeting management tools sets your Teams Room up for  high-quality, immersive meetings. Crystal-clear video streams and superior audio ensure that  every participant can be seen and heard, regardless of location. It also allows for connection to  more external devices, including multiple cameras, touch displays, scheduling devices and  microphones. The possibilities seem endless! The management tools for Teams Rooms with the  Pro License allow for larger-scale collaboration and integration between multiple locations, all  monitored from a centralized management system.

Feature Comparison

Basic vs Pro Licenses features:


MTR License

FEATURES MTR Basic License MTR Pro License
Pricing and No. of Licenses per organization FREE 25 Rooms MAX $40 per month Unlimited
Supported software: - Windows - Android - Guest join for Zoom and Webex meetings
One Touch Join
Meeting ID
Join across Teams Clouds
Check- in with Teams panel
Share and view all content types
Share an analogue whiteboard with intelligent content capture
Standard Teams video gallery with layout options
Front Row inclusive meeting layout
Together mode
Large gallery (up to 50)
Dual screen support and split gallery
Live transcript with speaker identification
Intelligent camera support
Panoramic room view
AI noise suppression
People counting
Secure OS
System-level security
Endpoint management
Azure active directory
Teams admin center
Automatic software updates
Detailed system and configuration info
Device health management
Remote configuration
Device history and activity

Benefits of using Microsoft Teams Rooms

First and foremost, Teams Rooms simplifies your meeting experience—no more wrestling with  cables or figuring out which button does what. With just a single tap, you can join meetings  hassle-free. It removes the technical headaches and lets you focus on what really matters— getting things done. 

Teams Rooms also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365. Making all those familiar tools like  Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive available at your fingertips. You can access your files,  documents, and collaborative content without bouncing between different apps. Collaboration  is made easy with Teams Rooms. You can share your screen, work on documents together and

use either the virtual whiteboard or use the intelligent content capture feature to share an  analogue whiteboard and all its content in real-time. It doesn’t matter if your team is scattered  across different locations; Teams Rooms bridges the gap and brings everyone together as if you  were in the same room. 

That brings us to the next features that make collaboration a dream, however, these are only  available on the Pro License. 

  • Features like Front Row allow you to simultaneously see other users, shared content and the in-meeting chat.
  • Another Pro feature includes a more extensive gallery which allows up to 50 users to be visible all at once. It’s all about fostering teamwork and ensuring everyone’s on the same page. 

Microsoft Teams Rooms allow you to collaborate online safely and securely. Teams Rooms  provides secure access controls, allowing you to regulate who can join your meetings. You can  set up authentication protocols, such as requiring participants to have a Microsoft 365 account  or use a unique meeting code. This ensures that only authorised individuals can access your  sensitive discussions. The teams admin centre also helps you keep track of members in your  team, allowing you to check meeting activity, change settings and perform device management. 

In a nutshell, using Microsoft Teams Rooms in your company boosts productivity, enhances collaboration, and streamlines your meeting processes. The benefits mentioned above show  you what Microsoft Teams Rooms can do for you and your business.


In conclusion, choosing the right Microsoft Teams Rooms license ultimately depends on the unique needs and requirements of your business. Both the basic and pro licenses offer valuable features and functionalities that can enhance collaboration and make video conferencing a dream.

When deciding on which license is for you, carefully evaluate your specific needs, budget, and desired capabilities. Consider factors such as the complexity of your projects, the number of users and meeting rooms, and any specific integrations or advanced features you think you may need. Remember, you can always start with the basic license and upgrade to the pro license as your organization grows and your needs evolve.

Whether you opt for the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the basic license or the advanced features and capabilities of the pro license, Microsoft Teams Rooms provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your organization’s unique meeting room needs. Choose wisely and empower your team to collaborate effectively, regardless of their location or the size of your organization.


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