Signal Management

One of the most important aspects of an AV system is the signal distribution system. Simply put, a signal distribution system takes the signal from the source device and takes it to your display.

This can be a simple HDMI cable from your laptop to your projector or a more complicated system to take digital signage from one location to a multitude of displays in a multi-story office complex.

Signal Management can consist of Cabling, Switchers, Distribution Amplifiers, Matrix Switchers, Signal Scalers, Audio De-Embedders, Signal Processors, Scan Converters and many more.


  • Switchers available for most AV signal and connector types. Multiple inputs to one output.
  • Distribution Amplifiers available for most AV signal and connector types. Single input to multiple outputs.
  • Matrix switchers available for most AV signal and connector types. Multiple inputs to multiple outputs, with crosspoint switching. Meaning any input to any output, in any configuration. Think of a matrix switcher as a combination of Switcher and Distribution Amplifier.
  • Signal scalers available for most AV signal and connector types. Input signals are “converted” from one format and resolution to another. Typical usage is converting analog VGA to digital HDMI signal.
  • De-embedders available for a variety of digital signals. The audio signal is stripped off the digital signal and made available in analog or digital format for usage on a separate audio system. Typical use is stripping audio out of an HDMI signal to use on a stereo audio system. An audio embedder has the opposite function, allowing audio to be inserted into a digital signal like HDMI.
  • Signal Processors are available for video and audio signals. Typically we use audio processors for specific audio functions needed in a corporate audio system, like Echo cancellation, surround sound, feedback elimination, Audio EQ and more. Video processors can be used for switching and scaling but also annotation to superimpose graphics, text and video on a video signal.


AVC uses professional AV signal management products from companies such as Extron, Kramer, Alfatron and Crestron to build a robust system that reliably works as desired.

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