ClickShare wireless presentation system

No more Cables !

The C-10 makes hybrid collaboration flow with one click in medium-sized and large meeting rooms. It allows up to 2 persons, including guests, to share content simultaneously to the room display from any device. Plug & Play with the ClickShare Button (Pc or Mac) or go for workflow integration with the ClickShare App.

Designed for enterprise rollouts, it offers you enhanced security features, a wide range of connectivity options and cloud-management. With full Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support, interactivity features on a 4K canvas, the C-10 drives a simple, enriched hybrid collaborative experience to make your content stick. Can be used stand-alone or integrated in your Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room.

BYOD – Bring your own device – refers to being allowed to use one’s personally owned device, rather than being required to use an officially provided device.

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