Poly Studio X

What is Poly Studio X?

Poly’s next generation video endpoint lineup just got broader! The new Poly Studio X family of video bars is radically easy to install, easy to manage—and best of all, easy to use. Designed for huddle rooms and smaller conference spaces, the Poly Studio X delivers full board-room quality audio, advanced camera capabilities, and wireless content sharing with support for 4K Ultra High Definition. When deployed with the TC8 touch controller, no laptop is needed to launch a meeting. With Poly Studio X, you can say goodbye to cables and ditch the PC with one solution that integrates natively with a wide variety of unified collaboration platforms, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Rise of Huddle Rooms

Modern open office layouts increasingly incorporate small “huddle rooms” for 2-5 people to gather for meetings. Bringing premium performance to huddle spaces everywhere, Poly Studio X delivers business-class audio and video capabilities in an easy-to-use video bar.

Video – the New Norm

Video has gone from being a niche play in board rooms to an expected part of virtually any conference call.  And with good reason: in today’s increasingly global, digital work environments, employees expect to be able to connect and collaborate with remote team members quickly and easily as the need arises.


IT wants these rooms to be consistent and easy to deploy; users want the experience to be the same, regardless of which size room they are in or which soft client they are using. Facilities managers want these to function consistently across locations, so as employees travel from site to site, they know that they are still able to get work done.


Its common for users to encounter multiple different soft-clients or meeting platforms on a given day, jumping from Zoom to Microsoft Teams to Google Voice to BlueJeans, depending on the calendar invites they receive.  The Poly Studio X family was designed to interoperate seamlessly with H.323 and SIP support for easy connections to any standards-based video solutions or VaaS gateway.

Poly Studio X50 Datasheet

Poly Studio X30 Datasheet

Poly TC8 Datasheet

Poly Studio X



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