Jabra PanaCast. Video like you’ve never seen.

180-degree view

Get the complete picture. Unlike traditional video conferencing cameras, all Jabra PanaCast Solutions give you a full 180° field of view.

Dual Stream

Draw people into your presentations with our unique Picture-in-Picture mode. Share a close-up as your main picture while you present from a smaller window.

Intelligent Zoom

Everyone is included in the conversation automatically. Intelligent Zoom zooms in whenever people are present, making the most of the space on screen.

Jabra Panacast 50 Videobar

Get everyone in on the action

PanaCast 50 is packed with game-changing Jabra technology to upgrade the hybrid meeting experience and make sure everyone can see and hear clearly.

Our inclusive 180° field of view shows more of your space than any other video bar on the market and our signature world-leading professional audio gives everyone equal say, so the conversation flows naturally between virtual and in-the-room participants, just like when they’re sat right next to each other.

But what really sets PanaCast 50 apart is its unique AI-powered adaptive architecture which keeps your device at the forefront of video technology for evolving user needs. It also drives the intelligent features to help you follow exactly what’s going on – whether you’re sat anywhere in the room or dialing in from afar.

With PanaCast 50 you don’t have to be in the room to be at the heart of the meeting.

Jabra PanaCast Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video camera

World’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic Video Camera

Jabra PanaCast works with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams & Zoom. Be confident that your team can connect, whatever equipment they’re using.


Panoramic-4K video technology.

Traditional video conferencing cameras rarely provide the full picture. Jabra PanaCast covers the full 180° field of view.


Bringing the whiteboard back into the picture.

A simple whiteboard is one of the most powerful collaboration tools. But with more and more meetings going remote, using one can have its limitations – especially for those who aren’t in the room to see it. It’s time to reinvent the traditional whiteboard for modern ways of working.

Intelligent Zoom.

Intelligent Zoom automatically includes everyone in the conversation, zooming in whenever meeting participants are present, optimising screen real estate.

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