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  • Auditorium Stage Lighting 2017

New Boardroom including Video Conference and AV Control System



The AV System comprises of an Extron IPCP 250 control processor and Extron TLP720c touchpanel. The control system controls all the AV equipment in the venue. Video and Audio Conferencing is supplied by a Polycom RealPresence Group 500 System.  The audio equipment comprises a Biamp Tesira Forte VI Digital Sound Processor with AEC (acoustic echo cancellation), Beyerdynamic BM32B Cardiod Microphones, Extron XPA 2001 Amplifier and Extron SI 3CT Ceiling Speakers. Signal distribution from multiple sources is handle by an Extron DXP84 4K HDMI 8x4 Matrix switcher. Wireless PC Presentations are made possible by a WePresent WiPG-2000. The display system is made up of two 65 inch LED Flat Panels, allowing for multiple input sources and presentation viewing while in a video conference.

Products supplied and installed for this project are as follows:

  • 2 x 65 inch LED Flat Panel Monitors
  • Extron IPCP 250 AV Control Processor
  • Extron TLP720c Cable Cubby Touch Panel
  • Extron DXP 84 4K HDMI Matrix Switcher
  • WePresent 2000 Wireless Projection Gateway
  • Biamp Tesira Forte VI Digital Sound Processor
  • Beyerdynamic BM32B Boundary Microphones
  • Extron XPA 2001 Stereo Audio Amplifier
  • Extron SI 3CT Ceiling Speakers
  • Polycom Group 500 Video Conference System


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Boardroom Upgrade to include AV Control system and VOIP Audio Conference System



The AV System comprises of an Extron control processor and touchpanel. The control system controls all the AV equipment in the venue. The audio conference equipment comprises a Biamp Tesira Forte VI AVB Digital Sound Processor with AEC and VOIP line and Beyerdynamic BM32 Cardiod Microphones with Piezo switches with LED mute indicator. Signal distribution from multiple sources is handle by an AlphaTron 4x4 HDMI Matrix switcher. Wireless PC Presentations are made possible by a Barco Clickshare. The audio conference system has been programmed with Mix Minus audio routing, to eliminate acoustic echo or feedback. The entire AV system has been implemented to be ready for video conference integration in the near future.

The Products implemented are as follows:

  • Extron control system – touch panel and processor
  • Biamp Tesira Forte VI AVB Digital Sound Processor
  • Biamp EX-AEC input expander with Acoustic Echo Cancelllation
  • Biamp EX-LOGIC for I/O control of microphone muting
  • Beyerdynamic BM32B cardioid Boundary microphones
  • Beyerdynamic Piezo switches for mute control of microphones
  • HDMI Signal distribution/switching via Alfatron MUHD44A-N matrix switch
  • Barco Clickshare - Wireless Presentation Gateway
  • Ready for Polycom Group 500 Video Conference System Integration



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New installations of various type meeting rooms



  • Small/medium meeting rooms - Quantity- 4
    •   AMX MST-701 touch panels for control
    •   AMX NX-1200 control processors for each room
    •   NEC XD-552 monitors with attachable rear speakers for program audio
    •   Control entailed display control, volume control, source selection


  •          Large Boardroom
    •            AMX NX-1200 control processor
    •            AMX SDX-510 Switcher scaler with DXLink out
    •            AMX DXLink HDMI Receiver with control port
    •            NEC XD65 65” display monitor with attachable rear speakers
    •            Barco ClickShare for wireless presentation
    •           Two pop-ups for HDMI and VGA sources
    •           Control entails Display control, volume control, source selection
    •           All video and control achieved via AMX control and DXlink


  • VC Boardrooms  - Quantity- 2
    •            Cisco MX300 VC systems with 2 x Cisco Microphones.
    •            AMX SDX-510 switcher scaler and AMX DXlink receivers for automatic source selection and signal distribution for content inputs to Cisco Video Conference System
    •            Control for Video Conference System is achieved via Cisco 10” touch tablet. 


  • Single/combinable Large Boardrooms  - Quantity- 2
    •            AMX ENOVA DVX3255SP all in one Matrix presentation switcher
    •            DVX 3255SP provides matrix switching, control, audio mixing and routing, HDMI and DXLink inputs and outputs.
    •            AMX MST-701 touch panels.
    •            Each room has NEC XD552S 55” display monitors with rear speakers for audio
    •            AMX SDX-510 switcher scalers for HDMI, VGA inputs and source selection which outputs feed via DXlink into the DVX 3255SP matrix switcher
    •            AMX DXlink Receivers  behind the displays which get signal from DX link outputs of the DVX 3255
    •            Video and control over AMX DXLink
    •            Boardroom 4 has an NEC M300W projector and elite 100” 16:9 recessed projection screen.
    •           When the rooms are in combined mode the screen and projector switches on and users can choose between Barco ClickShare, HDMI and VGA source in either room.
    •           Audio is then distributed through the combined rooms by Tannoy ceiling speakers.
    •           NEC 55” displays can be switched on/off as supporting displays along the side walls when the rooms are combined and display the same image as the projector.


  • Breakaway room  - Quantity- 2 
    •           AMX NX-1200 controllers in each room.
    •    AMX MSD-701 Wall mount touch panels for control
    •    NEC-V463 46” display monitors
    •    Alfatron PA2B mini amps with Bose ceiling speakers
    •    Barco Clickshare for presentation
    •    DSTV for info/entertainment. 



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Corporate Boardroom with unified communications



Fully automated boardroom, with Video Conference, Skype for business conferencing, Lighting control, Switching and source selection control, audio conferencing capabilities, mix minus system for voice lift and an iPad as a control system interface. A PTZ Optics 12x zoom camera replaced the original Lifesize Video Conference camera to serve a dual purpose. The HDMI output of the camera feed the Video conference system via a matrix switch, and the USB video out of the camera feeds a PC which is used for Skype for business conferencing.  

A Tesira Forte VI audio processor is handles all the audio aspects, Voice lift mix-minus system, mixes and processes audio from Beyerdynamic BM32B table microphones for Video Conference, Telephone conferencing, Program audio. The unique USB audio interface of the Tesira forte VI handles the audio for LYNC/Skype for business conferencing via the PC.

Extron IPCP Pro 350 and  IPL Pro S3 processors are used as primary and secondary controllers to provide sufficient control ports for all the device. An iPad is used as a control interface. Launch port sleeve and wall mount docking station is used to store and charge the iPad inductively when not in use.


  • Extron IPCP Pro 350 with LinkLicense upgrade
  •  Extron IPL Pro S3 Processor
  •  Alfatron MUH88A-N 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switcher
  •  Alfatron SC121-DT Switcher Scaler
  •  Biamp Tesira Forte VI Audio Processor
  •  Beyerdynamic BM32B Boundary Microphones
  •  Existing Lifesize Team 220 Video Conference System
  •  PTZ optics 12x Camera. HDMI out for VC, USB out for PC/Lync
  • Cloud CXA-450 4-Channel Amplifier
  • BOSE Ceiling Speakers
  •  Wepresent 2000 for Wireless Projection
  •  Optoma WU416 projector
  •  Grandview Cyber recessed integrated screen for presentation
  • 2 x Samsung 55” displays for conferencing. 


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Corporate Offices with environmentally friendly AV technology



AVC was contracted to supply the audio visual design and implementation on a new building in Johannesburg. The building was to be environmentally friendly, with a small carbon footprint. Solar panels provide power to the building. Rain harvesting systems are used for internal water systems and irrigation. The building's glass design was made to use maximum amount of natural sunlight, rather than electrical lighting.


The AV system design was created, keeping this green theme in mind. With there being multiple rooms requiring AV, a streamline design was put in place to minimize the amount of equipment used, thereby conserving energy. Besides the control system controlling devices in the rooms, it also ensures energy savings as the control system monitors rooms for occupancy and switches off lights and devices/equipment when the rooms are not occupied. The client reception area is scheduled to play DMX background music between 8:00am – 5:00pm weekdays via the control system and over weekends all non-essential rack based equipment is turned off. In the event that rooms gets used over the weekends, the system automatically powers up for use.


With the system being designed for energy saving, equipment was carefully selected to ensure that all the customers desired functionality was catered for whilst using the least amount of devices possible to ensure energy consumption remains at a minimum.


For the boardroom, training room, reception area and loft entertainment area the following items were used

  • Single Extron IPCP 550 control processor.
  • Single Extron DMP 128C P DSP.
  • Single Extron XPA 2004 is an ENERGY STAR® qualified amplifier with an Extron exclusive, highly efficient, advanced Class D amplifier design.
  • Single Alfatron MMX88A matrix switcher with HDMI input cards and HDBaseT output cards.
  • SmartBus lighting controllers and occupancy sensors for lighting control and occupancy sensing.
  • 2 x Extron TLP Pro 720C touch panels for control interfaces in the main boardroom and training room.
  • Extron TLP Pro 720T touch panel as a control interface in the loft entertainment area.
  • 3 x ELO touch interactive monitors in the client reception area, where customers can sit and browse at their leisure at product offerings whilst waiting to be served by a consultant.
  • Beyerdynamic wireless microphones are used in the training room and loft entertainment area.
  • Sony Video Conference System in the main boardroom also eliminates the need for traveling for meetings, locally and long distance thus reducing carbon footprint. 


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Auditorium and two Meeting Rooms with combination capabilities



AVC was contracted to upgrade a customer's existing Auditorium and two meeting rooms. Each room needed to be used individually, or be able to be used in a combined mode to send over flow AV from the Auditorium to the meeting rooms.


The auditorium has the following functionality:

  • Presentation from PC housed in lectern
  • Presentation from laptop via HDMI and VGA connections
  • Wireless presentation ability via WePresent
  • DSTV source selection, video and audio
  • Podium microphone for presenter - Beyerdynamic GM305 with shock mount
  • Digital Sound Processor provides microphone mixing with feedback suppression, Tele Conference ability, Lync conferencing audio - Bi-Amp Tesira Forte VI
  • Wireless Lapel Microphones -  Beyerdynamic OPUS 660
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone - Beyerdynamic Opus 650
  • LYNC/Skype for business video conferencing capabilities, PTZ Optics camera and Tesira Forte VI DSP for analogue and USB audio processing
  • Extron Control System for all AV devices, switching lighting control, volume control etc.



The Meeting Rooms have  the following functionality:

  • Presentation from pop-up (HDMI or VGA) and DSTV
  • Control for source selection, volume control, display controls and screen control


When all 3 rooms are combined

  • Any source can be displayed on all three rooms displays.
  • Audio is routed from the Auditorium to Meeting rooms
  • Meeting Rooms AV equipment can be controlled from Auditorium touch panel. 



Equipment list

  • Extron IPCP 550 Control Processor used for all three rooms
  • Extrom TLP Pro 720M wall mount touch panels for Meeting Rooms
  • Extron USB extender plus for USB extension over Twisted Pair
  • Apple iPad used for Auditorium control interface with Launch Port sleeve and inductive charging base.
  • Tesira Forte VI DSP for microphone mixing, program audio, USB audio for LYNC/Skype for business conferencing and Tele-Conference via VOIP
  • Alfatron MUH88A-N 8 x 8 HDMI matrix switcher
  • Alfatron SC61E Switcher Scaler for local source switching in each venue. 
  • Alfatron TPHD-70 HDMI over CAt6 extender sets.
  • Optoma W341 projectors for Auditorium and Meeting rooms.
  • Elite Fixed frame and motorized tab tensioned screens in Meeting Rooms.
  • PTZ optics Camera for HDMI and USB sources.
  • JBL ceiling speakers
  • Smartbus for lighting control
  • Crown Stereo Power Amplifier


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Cyber Intelligence Centre with 2 x 3 Video Wall Display



AVC was approached by a large Blue-Chip to design, install and commission a video wall for their new cyber intelligence centre which monitors cyber threats to themselves and clients they provide services for.


The video wall was designed according to clients’ needs and many factors had to be taken into account during the design phase including:

  • Size of video wall according to room dimensions.
  • Number of people in the room.
  • Distance of furthest person away from the display.
  • Viewing angles for each participant in the Room.
  • Racked seating arrangements for clear viewing lines.
  • Number and type of sources that needed to be displayed on the video wall.
  • Video wall processor, input and output cards.
  • Video wall software to provide dynamic video wall layouts for the different sources that need to be displayed as well as HDCP encrypted sources.
  • Different user accounts that allow different types access to content and format of content that can displayed on the video wall.
  • Control systems/User interfaces that allow for changing of sources and display formats.
  • Custom paneling surrounding the video wall that finishes off the video wall and allows access to the rear of the video wall where all display components, Video wall processor, cabling and other Infrastructure is accessible for service and maintenance.
  • Custom built steel frames, built in AVC’s Factory to provide required height for the video wall and provide structural support of the video wall display cubes.
  • Audio routing and mixing that allows users to select audio for a particular video source they are viewing or have selected.
  • Incorporation of overflow capability to display selected sources in the adjoining situation room displays including the routing of the accompanying audio.
  • Integration of a Polycom Video Conference system with a RTV license in the situation room allowing for SIP, H.323 and Skype for business calls internally and externally with federated clients.
  • LED RGB strip lighting to provide back-lighting around the video wall.


AVC, during many hours of consultation with the client, came up with a solution incorporating AV design and product selection that covered all the customers’ requirements and within their budget.

During the next phase of the project AVC worked closely with many other contractors to ensure that all physical requirements of the installation were met, i.e. Power, cable-ways, conduits and core drills for cable runs, network points etc. Once the physical installation was completed, commissioning began which included:

  • Alignment and adjustment of the display cubes, which required many minute adjustments to get each of the displays aligned with one another
  • Adjustment of brightness and white balance of each display so that the image on each display has uniform brightness and color.
  • Installation and setup of video wall software, including templates/themes that can be recalled to pre-selected Screen Layouts
  •  Gaining all audio levels and testing audio distribution and selection.
  • Testing video sources.


Equipment used:

  • Delta  DVS-5080S9 50” Full HD cube displays
  • Datapath VSN970-RPSU/8GB Video wall processor chassis
  • Datapath Vision SC-HD4+/H capture cards
  • Datapath Active SQX IP decoder card
  • Datapath Image DP4/HDMI output cards
  • Polywall Pro Video wall control software
  • Extron SF 3CT LP Ceiling Speakers
  • Extron XPA 2002 Audio Amplifier
  • Extron DMP 128C Digital Sound Processor
  • Extron IPCP 350 control processor with LLC upgrade
  • Apple iPad air for control interface
  • Netgear network switches
  • Powerlite custom made installation brackets
  • Powerlite custom made steel structures for paneling support and video wall support frame
  • Polycom Group 500 VC system with RTVCC license for Skype for business/LYNC integration
  • Samsung LED 65” Flat Panel displays for situation room displays.


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WEB Conferencing, Tele-Conferencing and Presentation Boardroom




AVC was approached by a Fund Management company that was moving premises and required new AV equipment. The client was already using Video Conferencing but found that they needed an alternative to conventional Video Conferencing, as they needed to be in contact with certain clients that did not have video conferencing equipment, as well as satellite offices around Africa that also did not have video conferencing infrastructure. Budget was also a challenge as cost of relocation, new furniture, décor, new IT infrastructure and telephony systems had taken up most of their Budget.

The client required a solution that would meet the following Criterion:

  • WEB/Softcodec conferencing with superb video and voice clarity for a large boardroom
  • Support teleconferencing
  • Presentation system that supports HDMI, VGA and wireless inputs.
  • Support for presentations from Smart Devices (Phones and tablets, BYOD)
  • Control system to simplify the use of various devices, source inputs, camera and volume control amongst others
  • Support of satellite TV in the boardroom for major sporting events.


AVC designed a system that met the customers budget and fulfilled all the functional requirements. Installation would prove extremely challenging as cableways/routes were extremely limited, but through clever


Selection of certain HDBaseT products, multiple video, audio, control signals and Ethernet were carried via three CAT6 cables. Thus eliminating the need for expensive core drills and/or floor chasing and installation of new conduit.


Equipment used:

  • Optoma WU416 projector
  • Grandview CNV 16:10 123” motorized Screen
  • Biamp Devio and two CRT-1 Biamp beam forming table top microphones
  • Alfatron SC61E switcher scaler
  • Neets Sierra II control processor
  •  Neets 2:25 Class D amplifier with LAN control
  • Apple iPad Mini for control interface
  • Alfatron iPAD mini table top iPad docking station
  • Yealink VOIP phone integrated with Biamp DEVIO for Teleconferencing.
  • Bose DS16FW ceiling speakers
  • WePresent 2000 wirless projection gateway. 


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Unified Conferencing Boardroom 2017



AVC was approached by a large multi-national company to design, install and commission a Unified Conferencing boardroom. The customers vision was to have an avant-garde boardroom, making use of the latest technology available yet be simple and intuitive to use. Large emphasis we placed on the ability to do soft codec conferencing along with interactivity, so that the client could communicate and collaborate effectively with branches throughout Africa that do not have the same infrastructure as the South African office. The client still wanted to retain a traditional video conferencing system as well, to communicate with more established offices around the world. In addition the client needed to be able to bridge voice communication across three platforms namely, soft codec conferencing, video conferencing and tele-conference calls. Even though participants would not all be able to see one another across the different platforms, at least they could hear one another.

Besides the boardroom having conferencing and interactive abilities, the room was also to be fully automated. After much consideration, AVC designed and put forward a solution that catered to all the customers’ needs. With clever product selection and out the box thinking, cost were kept to a minimum. Each device selected for the project was chosen for its ability to perform multiple functions, instead of conventional system design where a device performs a single function. Where it not for AVC constantly striving to stay abreast of the latest available technology, this would certainly not be possible.

Below is a brief summary of the system capabilities:

  • Full boardroom control of lighting, blinds, source switching and input selection, video conferencing, tele conferencing and audio systems.
  • Room monitoring to assist with energy saving when the room is not in use or left in an inactive state.
  • Audio system with mix-minus voice lift and USB conversion of analogue audio for soft codec conferencing.
  • Microphone mute/unmute buttons for discussion control. System can be used as open mic system or discussion control.
  • Traditional Video Conferencing capabilities
  • Video Conferencing via soft codec clients such as WebEx, Skype, Zoom, Blue Jeans and Google Hangout
  • Tele-conferencing
  • Interactivity for in room presentations, as well as across some the above mention soft codec clients.
  • Wireless presentation capability that is easy to use.
  • Presentation capabilities using HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini-DisplayPort.
  • Microphone mute/unmute buttons for discussion control, system can also be used as open mic system.
  • Room booking and scheduling via the Evoko room management system.


Below is a list of equipment used in the project:

  • Extron DTP CrossPoint 4K 108.
  • Extron IN1604 switcher scaler.
  • Extron DTP HDMI 230 transmitters and receivers.
  • Extron USB plus, USB transmitter and receiver pair.
  • Extron TLP 720C Pro 7” cable cubby touch panel for room control.
  • Barco ClickShare for wireless presentation.
  • Biamp Tesira Forte AVB VI Digital Sound Processor.
  • Biamp Tesira AEC-Ex in, 4 input expander for Tesira AVB VI with AEC.
  • Biamp Tesira EX-logic, logic expander for microphone push buttons.
  • Beyerdynamic BM32B boundary microphones.
  • Beyerdynamic Opus 660 wireless handheld microphones.
  • Cloud CXA450 4 channel amplifier.
  • Bose DS16SW flush mount ceiling speakers.
  • Bose DS16SW Surface mount speakers
  • LG 98LS95A-5B 98 inch (2490mm) LED display
  • Intel NUC D54250WYK small form factor PC.
  • SmartBus G4 SB-DIM6c2A-DN 6 Channel dimmer
  • SmartBus G4 SB-RLY6c16A-DN 6 channel relay
  • SmartBus G4 SB-RSIP-DN Hybrid Integration LinK with IP (G4s)
  • SmartBus G4 24V PSU, 24 volt power supply unit.
  • SmartBus G4 SB-5in1-CL(S) 5 in 1 Multifunction Sensor (G4)
  • Huawei TE50 video conferencing system.


AV Design, Implementation, Programming and Commissioning of the system was done in house by AVC's technical department.





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Digital Signage 2017


A large South African financial institution approached AVC to implement a signage display solution in their client contact centre. The client needed to display calls statistics, ticket issuing, and resolution of tickets in their call centre. The information was to be drawn off their AVAYA telephony system and displayed to members in the call centre. In addition, the client also wanted the ability to display messages at the bottom of the displays.


The scrolling text at the bottom of the screen would be used to congratulate members in the call centre for their performance, display birthday messages and general announcements affecting the team.

The client wanted to display the information across 20 displays staggered throughout the call centre, comprising of 5 existing displays and 15 new displays. Taking into account the number of displays, traditional HDMI signal distribution could become quite costly. As a more cost effective solution, AVC decided to use HDMI over IP technology for signal distribution, which nearly halved the cost of conventional HDMI long distance signal distribution. A BrightSign digital signage player was added to the system for the ability to display scrolling text messages, and to draw in Web-browser content to display the AVAYA call statistics. Alfatron IPM1-Tx and IPM1-Rx were used as encoders and decoders for the HDMI signal to each display. The backbone of the system was a NETGEAR FS728TP-100EUS network switch which provided POE (Power over Ethernet) to each encoder and decoder, and carried the HDMI signal via IP to each encoder and decoder.


Equipment list:

  •            Alfatron IPM1-Tx, network HDMI encoder
  •            Alfatron IPM1-Rx, network HDMI decoders
  •            Alfatron CAT6 SFTP 23 AWG CAT6 cable for signal distribution
  •            Netgear FS728TP-100EUS ProSafe 24 Port 10/100 Smart Switch with 4 Gigabit Ports and 24 Port PoE(195W), network switch
  •            Powerlite CEILING MOUNT POLE KIT to ceiling mount display brackets
  •            Powerlite LCD BRACKET 900 NON-TILT to mount displays on ceiling mount pole kit
  •            BrightSign XD1132 digital signage player
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Auditorium Stage Lighting 2017

Compiled by Johann Snyders


In February 2015 University of Johannesburg (UJ) suffered a huge blow when the well-known Sanlam Auditorium fell victim to vandalism when the facility was set alight and “burned down to the ground”. Never the less, UJ was determined to get this prime auditorium restored, better than ever before.

In a combined effort, Audio Visual Centre and various other contractors, was selected to perform the task of restoring the Sanlam Auditorium under the watchful eye of Go-Pro Construction, who was appointed the Main Contractor. With the Professional assistance of Schalk Botha, from DWR Distribution, we managed to implement state-of-the-art lighting system which transforms this enormous auditorium into a spectacular outburst of colour. This auditorium will surely become one of the most attractive assists for the university.

An enormous 12 metre truss was built to accommodate all the FOH lights as well as an additional 2 x 6 metre Light Bars for on-stage lighting. Installation of the 2 x 6 metre Light Bars, which houses a total 10 x Longman F4UP 45-Deg Par Can Lights, was easy as pie although both bars are hanging between 4-6 metres up from stage floor level. We had to plan carefully the position and installation of the 12 metre Square Trussing for the FOH lights. This posed a bigger challenge as the truss had to be installed around 12 – 14 metres above floor level. Thanks to 4 x Aetos 1000kg Motors and dedicated Riggers, the installation of this “beast” was done within a day. It sure is quite spectacular to see this enormous truss being hoisted up and down by the flick of a switch, harmony in motion.

Populating the FOH Truss was done on ground level and after a couple of up and down manoeuvres, all the lights was set and focused to obtain optimal coverage of the stage. A total of 4 x Robe Robin-600 Plus LED Wash, 2 x Robe Robin DL4S Profile and 10 x Longman F4UP 25 Deg Par Can lights made themselves at home on this 12 metre Truss hanging way above the seating arrangement of the auditorium.

Of course these lights required a serious control desk and none better than the MA Lighting DOT-2 XL-F to fit this roll. Making control an absolute delight and turning this dull environment into frenzy of colour and art-at-work.

Last but not least, the 2x Aramis 2500W Followspots, compliments this system and will provide more than adequate pleasure to the operators ensuring that the audience will not miss a single step on the stage floor. Positioned at the perfect elevation and angle of approach, the Aramis Followspots stands like two guardian angles ready to “fire” at the desired position over a distance of almost 45 meters. 

All-in-all this project  provided more than enough satisfaction, not only to me, but I’m sure to the thousands of people who will for years to come enjoy the warmth and splendor of UJ’s Sanlam Auditorium “Lights in Motion.”

Johann Snyders

Johann is a senior sales executive, operating from AVC Head Office in Johannesburg.


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