Holographic Displays

Holographic Display

A 3D holographic display packed with features to bring your client’s products to life. Enveloping your client’s physical product in a magical 3D holographic story of your imagination helps them to connect emotionally with their audience, and differentiate their brand message. Encased in a portable, reliable Plug & Play display case is the key to building a scalable and successful campaign. LightControl is just one of the unique features used in the Dreamoc 3D Holographic display to bring your story to life.


Content is the virtual overlay of video or live animation that can be projected on top or next to a real physical item to create the experience of mixed reality. No special glasses or headset is required for viewing, as our displays directly triggers the eye’s perception of depth and reality. This results in a seemingly three-dimensional hologram that can be seen by multiple bystanders at the same time.

Enliven static products, communicate details and engage your audience in the most amazing ways imaginable. Bring your stories to life with the next generation platform for digital visualizations.

Proven at the Point Of Sale

Proven to increase sales by over 60%

Grab the attention of retail foot traffic in busy shops, department stores and malls. When you have their attention, your story can entice them to buy into your Call To Action.

Better still, you can tune and deliver different messages to suit many campaigns, all within a single 3D holographic display case, without additional investment in space and resources.

Smartphone Control

Smartphone Interactive 3D Holographic Display System – a Proof-of-concept where the user interacts with virtual products using nothing more than a smartphone. Any smartphone will do, without the need to install additional software. A regular web browser is enough to interact with the product on display.

Gesture Control

Here the user can explode and rotate a watch with hand gestures. A Kinect registers the movements, and a computer displays a real-time rendered 3D model of a watch. Being real-time the hands on the watch shows the correct time of course.


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